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biggest Countries by total Area

Rank Country Area (km2) Area (sq mi) % of Total Notes
1 Russia17,098,2426,601,66811.5%Largest country in the world.
2 Canada9,984,6703,855,1006.7%Largest country in the Western Hemisphere. Longest coastline. Longest border with one other country (with the United States).
3 / 4
(depending on definition)
United States9,629,0913,717,8136.5%Includes only the 50 states and the District of Columbia. UN figure includes Great Lakes and coastal water areas. The total area is claimed as 9,826,630 km2 (3,794,080 sq mi) by the CIA World Factbook, which additionally includes territorial waters. The total area is listed as 9,522,055 km2 (3,676,486 sq mi) by the Encyclopædia Britannica, and excludes coastal and territorial waters. Second-largest country in Western Hemisphere. Longest border with one other country (with Canada).
3 / 4
(depending on definition)
Largest all-Asian country, second largest Asian country (after Asian part of Russia). This entry uses the UN figure for mainland China (9,596,961 km2/3,705,407 sq mi), excluding the Special Administrative Regions of Hong Kong and Macau, for which the UN has separate figures. Both values exclude all the territorial waters and the island of Taiwan and other ROC-controlled territories. The smaller figure excludes all territories disputed with India, whereas the larger figure includes PRC-administered areas of Aksai Chin and Trans-Karakoram Tract, both territories claimed by India, but excludes Arunachal Pradesh which is administered by India but claimed by the PRC. The PRC claims 9,758,801 km2 (3,767,894 sq mi) of total territorial space for China[citation needed] See: Territorial changes and Land reclamations of P.R.China
5 Brazil8,514,8773,287,6125.7%Includes Arquipélago de Fernando de Noronha, Atol das Rocas, Ilha da Trindade, Ilhas Martim Vaz, and Penedos de São Pedro e São Paulo. All islands together make 365 km2 (141 sq mi) (less than 0.003% of all continental territory). Largest country in South America and in the Southern Hemisphere.
6 Australia7,692,0242,969,9075.2%Includes Cocos (Keeling) Islands (14 km2/5.4 sq mi), Christmas Island (135 km2/52 sq mi), Macquarie Island (128 km2/49 sq mi), and Lord Howe Island (56 km2/22 sq mi). Excludes external territories of Norfolk Island (36 km2/14 sq mi), Ashmore and Cartier Islands (5 km2/1.9 sq mi), Coral Sea Islands Territory (0.91 km2/0.35 sq mi), and Heard and McDonald Islands (372 km2/144 sq mi). Excludes claims on Australian Antarctic Territory (5,896,500 km2/2,276,700 sq mi). Australia is the only country that contains an entire continent. Largest country without a land-border to neighbours. Largest country in Oceania. Largest country wholly in the Southern Hemisphere.
7 India3,287,2631,269,2192.3%Figure includes 120,849 km2 (46,660 sq mi) of disputed territories with Pakistan and China. Third-largest country in Asia (after Russia and China).
8 Argentina2,780,4001,073,5002%Does not include claims on the Falkland Islands (12,200 km2/4,700 sq mi), South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands and on Antarctica (969,000 km2/374,000 sq mi). Second largest country in South America.
9 Kazakhstan2,724,9001,052,1001.8%Largest landlocked country in the world. Second-largest country with part of its territory in Europe (after Russia).
10 Sudan2,505,813967,5001.7%Largest country in Africa and in the Arab World.
11 Algeria2,381,741919,5951.6%Second-largest country in Africa.
12 Democratic Republic of the Congo2,344,858905,3551.6%Third-largest country in Africa.
13 Greenland2,166,086836,3301.5%A constituent country in the Kingdom of Denmark. Largest island in the world. (Assuming continents are not counted as islands)
14 Saudi Arabia2,149,690830,0001.4%Exact size unknown, due to undefined borders with some of its neighbors. Largest country in the Middle East.
15 Mexico1,964,375758,4491.3%Third-largest country in North America, third largest in Latin America, and fifth largest in the Western Hemisphere. Includes 1,959,248 km2/756,470 sq mi on the mainland and 244 islands located in the Gulf of California, Gulf of Mexico, Pacific Ocean, and the Caribbean Sea which cover a combined area of 5,127 km2/1,980 sq mi. It does not include claims on Clipperton Island (Spanish: Isla de la Pasión) 8.9 km2/3.4 sq mi.
16 Indonesia1,904,569735,3581.3%Largest and most populous country situated only on islands. Also the largest country in South East Asia.
17 Libya1,759,540679,3601.2%Fourth-largest country in Africa.
18 Iran1,648,195636,3721.1%Second largest country in the Middle East.
19 Mongolia1,564,100603,9001.1%Second largest landlocked country in the world; previously first, before the dissolution of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics .
20 Peru1,285,216496,2250.86%Third-largest country in South America

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